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Raising Money For Charities On The Net

I’ve begged money off almost everyone who’s ever met me and quite a few who haven’t. As a member of Harrogate Round Table for five years, I’ve done more than a few sponsored walks, cycle rides and beer festivals. One year I even raised a few hundred pounds for watching other people walk the Yorkshire Three Peaks. So a blog entry that promises to help get better results from raising charitable money piqued my interest.

In Mitch Joel’s Don’t Let Digital Marketing Make You Lazy, he suggests six ways to raise money.

The first is to raise awareness before you ask for money. This makes a lot of sense: there’s an old marketing statistic that suggests it’s the fourth or fifth contact with someone that will result in sale rather than the first. This is why, before a sales meeting, you are likely to get an introductory phone call, literature through the post and an email.

Ask for help. Ask for money and you join a long line of people from the Inland Revenue to their kids; ask for help and most people will help you. Help doesn’t need to be just money – it could be forwarding your email to other people they know.

Show people why you care. There are so many good causes out there that it’s hard to differentiate between them. The best emails I’ve seen have a personal connection.

Support others: help others, they’re more likely to help you. This is the principle of recipricocity – one of the six ways to influence somebody.

Tell a story: the most successful fund raising campaign I’ve done was to people at work. Out of 54 people 53 contributed. One of the guys at work had had a very minor heart complaint when he was a child, I was fund raising for the Britsh Heart Foundation, I created a story, “Save Jonny’s Life”, that was compelling, tugged at the heart strings and filled with exageration and humour.

The drawback of my story is that you had to know Jonny for it to be effective. The same campaign wouldn’t have worked on poeple outside work. Mitch Joel’s last tip is to copy David Armano’s Please Help Daniela’s family. This is a brilliantly put together piece: before you finish reading you know Daniela, her family, her problems and feel like you have to help. The fund raising for Daniela has finished but if you would like to help with my next venture in September drop me a note…