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The Santa Brandbook

Linkbait is an excellent way to get people to link to a website, boosting search engine rankings. The last 12 months have seen quite a few different trends including infographics. Everybody seems to have jumped on the infographic bandwagon creating infographics for everything from the difference between designers and developers to many, many low quality efforts that do not merit mentioning.

The best linkbait, though, remains content that doesn’t appear to be specifically created as linkbait. The Santa Brandbook, from the Quiet Room is brilliant. Created by a brand agency, the brand book is primarily a Christmas Card – though without offering anything as obvious as “Season’s Greetings”. Rather it is an extremely satirical brand book – not actually that different from the brand books Quiet Room creates. ┬áThe brandbook works well on many levels

  • As a humorous Christmas Greeting
  • A demonstration of originality
  • As a case study of what you’d find in a real brand book
  • Proof that this marketing agency does not take itself too seriously
  • As first class linkbait

“We looked at what Santa might be if it weren’t a fat man in a red suit… if it were a bird, it would be a stork … if it were a holiday it would be Easter.”