The Right Tool For The Job

A consistent argument with my development team is which IDE should we use. My argument is that in a small development team we should all use the same tool set so that we can pick up on each other’s code more quickly than if we used different environments. The counter argument is that Netbeans, the preferred alternative of two of the crew, is better for the task they are working on than Zend Studio my enforced choice. I have no strong preference between the two products – each excels at different jobs – my point is that we, as a team, should master one of them rather than know bits of each. A recent cycling incident, however, is beginning to soften my attitude.

I bough some new tyres for my bike. After spending the requisite five minutes looking at my old back tyre wondering how I’ve been riding on something with so little rubber left I started fitting the new tyres. The new tyres are a tight fit. Most new tyres are until they stretch a bit; I usually find it a struggle fitting new tyres for the first time. I struggled for 20 minutes to fit the tyres using the tyre levers that are part of my multi-tool until snapping a tyre lever. A quick trip to Halfords to get some new tyre levers both tyres were fitted in a couple of minutes. The difference? The new tyre levers were designed to be tyre levers not to fit on a multi tool. Perhaps we should be using different IDEs for different jobs.

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