The Right Tool For The Job Part 2

A little while ago I posted an article giving an example of the benefit of using the correct tool for the job. Sometimes the correct tool is not always obvious. I’ve just replaced the tape on my bike which is used to protect the frame against cable rub and chain slap. Lizard Skins do a great kit: the patches are simple to apply and are supplied with an alcohol rub to clean the frame to ensure excellent adhesion. Absolutely perfect, you couldn’t ask for more.  Or you can buy some helitape (this tape is usually applied to helicopter rotors protecting them from small but fast moving particles). With the helitape you need to clean the frame yourself (with kitchen towel and white spirit in my case) and then cut the tape to size. Hardly difficult.

The difference between the two? Price. The Lizard Skin kit costs £8 for a single application whereas the helitape (sold in short lengths, or at least not the same volume you’d need for a helicopter, specifically for bike protection by Convertape) comes in at £5.99 for enough tape to cater for all my bikes over the next few years. The correct tool in this case is not the gold plated kit specifically designed for the bike, but the good-enough, best price, helitape.

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